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Driving in New Jersey is a privilege that may be enjoyed as long as motorists drive safely. Obeying established motor vehicle rules and regulations is critical, as is the respect that must be paid to other motorists  who also share the roads.

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Violating New Jersey’s motor vehicle laws will result in the loss of driving privileges. New Jersey will also suspend driving privileges if a driver is convicted of a violation in another state that would be grounds for suspension. It is  important to note that violations become a permanent part of motorists’ driver history records.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or reckless driving, are examples of motor vehicle violations that may res ult in the loss of driving privileges. It will take time and money to reinstate driving privileges. This website presents general published facts about the penalties imposed on motorists caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in New Jersey.

How Points are Deducted
A point total will never go below zero. Up to three points will be subtracted from a motorist’s point total one year after:
• the motorist’s last point violation; or
• the motorist’s license restoration; or
• there have been no violations or suspensions on the motorist’s driving record for the past year; or
• the last time annual safe driving points were subtracted from the motorist’s record (whichever is later); or when
• the motorist completes an MVC driver improvement program offered to problem drivers selected by MVC.
Credit can be received a maximum of once every two years.

Up to two points may be subtracted from a motorist’s point
total after:

• the motorist completes an MVC-approved defensive driving course. Credit is given for one program every five years.

Note: None of these point reductions apply to insurance surcharge point totals in which a NJ DUI or refusal is (9) NINE INSURANCE POINTS FOR 3 YEARS from the posting or conviction date on your NJMVC drivers history. Insurance points are added to moving violation points for your total operator points for insurance quotes and policies.

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The police are always watching for a NJ DUI offender.
The police are always watching for a NJ DUI offender.